Our Straw House


Stacking Bales for the Garage

September 2008

Here's our very first bale!  The 'inaugural bale' ...

First course on the east wall:

Notching bales to fit under the window.  We used a grinder with a Lancelot Woodcarving Tool from Lee Valley.

Like a glove ...

We also used the Lancelot for general trimming.

Sometimes we needed to split bales to fit them into smaller spaces.  For this, Mark made 'bale needles' from a 1/4" piece of rolled steel.  He used the grinder to make a point at one end, then flattened the other end and drilled a hole in it:

Just like a sewing needle, you thread it:

And send it through:

Tie off the new string, then repeat three more times.

Cut the original bale strings:

And pull ...

As we go along, we stop to stuff holes and check for level:

Take a few breaks ... apparently Sammy really likes straw!

Electrical - we used armoured cable.  We placed the cable between the first and second courses of bales.  Why armoured?  Simple:  the electrical inspector asked for it.

And we keep stacking ...

We finally got them all in there!

We're like proud parents ... the annoying kind.  ;)

The newly installed window.  We will use conventional expanding foam to fill the cracks around the perimeter.